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What is the market status of the faucet?

What is the market status of the faucet?

Update Time:2019-07-29
Most of the traditional copper faucets contain lead exceeding the standard, causing secondary pollution to drinking water. The absorption into the human body is a great hazard, especially for children. It has caused widespread concern in the world. European and American countries are actively formulating relevant bills, and China is about to introduce the national standard. The lead content is strictly limited.

According to the industry analysts in the research and development world, since the current national standards for taps do not impose mandatory regulations on lead content and precipitation, the lead inspection of domestic market sales has not used lead as a quality criterion. In order to ensure the safety of national drinking water and promote industrial upgrading, the limitation of lead precipitation will become the key content of the new standard.

Traditional faucets are mostly produced by brass processing. A certain amount of lead is added to copper. Lead poisons harm the human nervous, blood, bone, digestion, reproduction and other systems, especially for children, which seriously affect children's intelligence and physical development. . For the lead content of the faucet, the United States has already signed a more stringent regulation on the lead-free bill, stipulating that the lead content of the faucet should not exceed 0.25%. China is also about to introduce a national standard, which strictly limits the lead content.

The collective upgrade of domestic and international standards will have a major impact on China's faucet manufacturing industry. Bathroom companies have invested in lead-free faucet technology research and development. At present, many brands such as Kohler, Supor, and Toto have launched stainless steel faucets, and many brand faucets have also been transformed. There are more and more businesses in the market who want to operate stainless steel faucets. Although the current market share of stainless steel faucets is not high, whether it is from the development direction of the overall sanitary ware, or in terms of the development trend of the faucet industry, stainless steel will gradually seize the copper faucet market. However, because the raw materials of stainless steel faucets are relatively expensive and the production process is very demanding, the overall price of the products is also high, and many consumers are discouraged from new products.

In the "China's European faucet market status analysis and development trend forecast report 2013-2017", Guanyan Tian pointed out that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of people's living requirements, stainless steel faucets will be more and more consumed. Favorite. More enterprises will invest in the production of stainless steel faucets and the technology will be further improved. It will gradually replace the copper faucets with its more advantageous features. Its outstanding environmental advantages are more indicative of the coming of the stainless steel leading era in the low-carbon economy. .