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What is the internal structure of the kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer?

What is the internal structure of the kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer?

Issue Time:2020-12-17
What is the internal structure of the kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer?
The faucet is the most common object in life, it greatly facilitates our lives and saves water. When we buy a faucet how to choose a premium product? Apart from picking the brand of the faucet, we can also learn from its structure and see what are the faucet parts. And then choose a high-quality faucet according to these parts. The faucet structure diagram will show us the various parts of the faucet, we can better understand.
We can see the structure diagram of the basin is still very complex, it is a single ceramic spool surface, mainly composed of a handle, spool, pull down sprayer, water inlet braided tube, and installation of small accessories. It also includes some seals, screws, and so on.

As there are more types of faucets as well as classifications, the design of the different classifications of faucets are very different, so the faucet structure diagram is completely different. So we have to first recognize what kinds of faucets are, generally the faucets we use in our daily lives are: single faucet, double faucet, triple faucet distinction, and according to the different handles can also be divided into the single handle and double handle faucet. These different faucets are very different in the faucet structure diagram, so we have to divide the class first before understanding the related faucet structure diagram. Here we will take a single handle ceramic cartridge kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer as an example for a brief explanation.

How does The Cartridge work?

In general, the ceramic valve core consists of three holes, two of which a hole for in and out of cold water, another for in and out of hot water, and the remaining one for the internal outlet of the valve core.

Faucet cartridge cold and hot two holes are sealed, to ensure that and the main body in a sealed state, cold and hot water inlet pipe music connected to the main body to ensure that the hot water pipe and cold water pipe and the two holes of the cartridge one by one correspondence. The cartridge mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes, relying on the movement of ceramic plates to work. In places where the water quality is not so good, a strainer can be installed to filter out impurities and also prevent possible damage to the ceramic value core. The strainer is installed in two locations: at the inlet and at the spout. It can be said that the cartridge is the heart of the faucet.

You learned about the most important spool of a faucet this time, next we will turn our attention to the waterway structure that is in close contact with water.
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