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What great impact has the epidemic brought to the hardware industry ?

What great impact has the epidemic brought to the hardware industry ?

Issue Time:2021-09-07
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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has brought incalculable difficulties ,loose and suffers to the world. Although decline of global pandemic, but we all know the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over. From now on , the continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has infected 212,357,898 people,including 4,439,843 deaths. More than 2.6% global people life are in danger.

Image from WHO

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only threaten humans life, but also the production industry. Many factory and company get sucked into the morass. For the bathroom hardware industry, how to survive under the pandemic, turn the crisis into a opportunity.On the surface, it seems that the hardware industry has arrived at the end of the road, people closed their doors, the mall was in dispirited. In fact, the demand for home decoration has not disappeared, but has been temporarily delayedEven during the pandemic, people stayed at home, will understand and realize the importance of home decoration more and more. While the pandemic is over, the bathroom decoration industry will surely usher in a new spring, and the demand will definitely increase rather than decrease.

1. Due to the impact of the pandemic, many countries have taken strict prevention measures to block the COVID-19, caused many construction projects were canceled or  postponed ,directly decline of global building materials. However, with the vaccine became widely available, the real estate industry began to be normalAt this time, the demand gap of building materials is very tremendous.

2. After the pandemic, there will be a heat wave of home decoration. Firstly, people will gradually realize a “beauty home” is really important to improve their living quality. Secondly, new house decoration plan disrupted by pandemic will bring huge business opportunities to the entire sanitary ware industry.

3. After the COVID-19 , many small and medium-sized enterprises have closed down or even closure ,their production has stagnated due to the international situation, and the capital chain is facing serious challenges. Therefore, after the epidemic, the decrease of sanitary competitors, make the entire hardware market is full of purchasing orders and business opportunities.

Although the pandemic made a great impact for the world economy , but just temporary. By the strict quarantine measures and the spread of vaccines, the global economy will gradually recover. Covid-19 is a crisis,but also a new opportunity.

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